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  ava 6175b1fae0 added new page 8 months ago
  ava 43fcadb294 added function to create a new time system object 8 months ago
  ava 80d60b89f3 added function to convert a year to its seconds amount 8 months ago
  ava e355e7aef4 renamed world class to be time-system 8 months ago
  ava 73a8919ef4 updated makefile to newer style 8 months ago
  Ava Fox 281e062f79 Update 'Makefile' 9 months ago
  Zac 0872f6ac2f started work on html/css 11 months ago
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  Ava Fox 73956aa891 started work on getting the project defaults set up 11 months ago
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